Hi everyone, my name is Diane, welcome to our new blog. Spoiled Dog Nutrition is a small family-run business that offers healthy and preservative-free dog treats. The idea for Spoiled Dog Nutrition was borne soon after I lost my sweet baby Allie to Cushings. I knew then I had to and could do better in regards to my dog’s health, starting with nutrition. What I soon realized was that there were little or no options when it came to nutritious foods that were specifically formulated for dog’s. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of options for dog treats and dog foods available in the market and online, but it took me awhile to find processed-free food and treats. What’s even more disturbing is that the dog treats that were predominantly being sold seemed to be chocked full of artificial flavorings, additives, and sodium, not to mention being loaded with sugar, which is the norm for processed foods. Needless to say, you don’t need an expert to tell you that processed foods are bad for you and your dog’s health. I knew we needed a brand of dog treats that was safe, nutrition-rich, and free from harmful chemicals found in everyday dog treats. Besides that, having to fork over a pretty penny for dog food and dog treats was not worth it. This is when I decided to start Spoiled Dog Nutrition.

The sole purpose of starting Spoiled Dog Nutrition was to provide a healthy option for those dog owners who are concerned about the health and welfare of their dog’s. This realization was the drive that resulted in Spoiled Dog Nutrition being the brand that is is today. At our store, you are going to find dog treats and CBD products that have been hand been hand-picked by myself and a team of professionals who love dog’s and more importantly, know the ins and outs of sourcing the right ingredients to meet the specific nutritional needs of your pooch. The amount of research that’s been put into each of the dog treats and CBD products that’s available in our store ensures that your dog is going to get high-quality nutrition that’s simply not possible with most regular products. Besides, with our grain-free and preservative-free dog treats that have been specially formulated for your dog’s health, we give you an opportunity to improve the health of your dog.

My hopes for this blog is to connect with other dog lovers and share information they need regarding various dog-related topics, the obvious ones being on nutrition. I am looking forward to growing this blog into a one-stop-shop for dog lovers to find all the information they could possibly need, all under one roof.

Thank you for joining me on this journey, it is truly appreciated.

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